Hey there, I’m Jeka Sisco! I’m an integrative nutrition health coach, yoga instructor, avid runner, international foodie, adventurer and someone who all around loves life.

My personal journey led me here to create this space to serve as a landing page to learn more about my services, sustainable lifestyle changes and help you in becoming the best possible version of yourself. Health is not a destination, it’s a journey. While diets aim to provide quick results by changing your diet, lifestyle changes involving physical, emotional, and mental well-being are more sustainable. I offer individual services to assist you on your wellness journey. Contact me with any questions or to schedule a consultation. So excited you are here!


  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training – Brooke Hamblet Teacher Training
  • BS in Hospitality and Nutrition – Texas Tech University

What is integrative nutrition?

Integrative Nutrition is not a specific diet or lifestyle; it is based on bio-individuality – each person is a unique individual with specific diet and lifestyle needs. Together we will explore the importance of relationships, spirituality, career and physical activity before moving onto the food. Given half a chance, the human body will heal itself by itself with the proper nutrition found in whole foods. Food affects your whole being – from your blood to your DNA, you are what you eat. Food enters the bloodstream and blood is what creates your cells, tissues and organs. Food has the power to generate the new you.


My health and wellness journey began at a young age. Growing up in a household that was always on a diet – one week it was “Sugar Busters,” the next week it was “Fat-Free,” “South Beach Diet,” “Atkins,” tried going vegan… if there is a diet out there, I guarantee I have tried it. All these diets with no sustainable weight loss or change in habits. As I grew into a teenager, I was always considered “bigger” until I completely cut out sugar and was “skinny” for prom. Then working in and out of restaurants through college, the bad habits really kicked in! I was fortunate enough to study abroad and live in Switzerland for a while. It was there I realized the whole world is not always on a diet. People ate bread and cheese and didn’t regret it later, can you imagine? When I returned to the states, all of my European influence faded and I was back to the next diet. However, this time, it consisted of diet pills, Diet Coke and cigarettes! I still can’t believe that was me! You can only imagine what happens when you only take in Diet Coke, pills and nicotine – I had to be hospitalized for malnutrition and dehydration and nearly missed out on graduation! After my weekend stay at the hospital I started eating real food again. Only to then tip the scale at 200lbs. I graduated college, joined the “real” world and fell victim to the lifestyle choices that deemed “normal” coffee for breakfast, eating fast food and skipping on sleep so I could squeeze in more work. Something had to give. I was unhappy, overweight and felt like shit. The only solution for me was a dramatic change – if you can’t tell from reading this already: I am a bit of an extremist. So when an extremist wants a change, a change is what I got. I sold everything and moved to Australia for a year! In Australia, I created a lifestyle that supported healthy behaviors: no car so I had to walk or ride my bike, relied on the fresh fruit and vegetables at the farmers market and surrounded myself with like-minded people. After Australia, I backpacked across South East Asia as a single 23-year-old female, it was incredible! I visited Thailand, Lao, Cambodia and Vietnam. While traveling, I always make a point to take a cooking class to learn more about how other cultures eat, cook and enjoy a meal. When I returned to the states ready to “grow up,” I started taking my health seriously. No more bullshit fad diets or 3-day cleanses. No more nonsense, just eat real, wholesome food, get exercise, sleep eight hours a night, be a part of a community. I was researching holistic health before “Holistic Health” was even a thing. Now, here today – I am here to share my story and help change the lives of others. Diets do not work. It’s your lifestyle, habits and the people you surround yourself with that make the impact.

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