Mat Down to Ground Down

When I mat down for yoga, I instantly become more grounded.

I love feeling my mat and the earth beneath my body. I am a firm believer in the power of yoga. Throughout my life, I have always been athletic and never really gave yoga a second thought. I would take a class here and there to stretch my body out. Loved dropping into a class while traveling to work the kinks out of my back after long sits. However, over time the undeniable benefits of yoga started showing up physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is a practice that keeps me grounded and mindful. Which by the way, “mindful” seems to be a buzz word lately.

But what does being “mindful” really mean? By definition, it is to be conscious or aware of something.

Many clients tell me they want to become more mindful around food or become more present. A few things that help me when it comes to mindful eating is to get rid of any distractions such as your phone, TV, or trying to multitask as you eat. I used to think multitasking was a strength. Honestly, I do not want to have to do ten things at one time. I would rather do one thing at a time very well.

Yoga has taught me how to do that. By getting on my mat, I instantly become aware of my physical body and mental state. When I practice, I give my mind and body my absolute undivided attention. If for no other reason than I do not want to fall on my face, I am present, I am mindful of my every thought and my every move. I am not trying to answer emails, have a snack, text, put the laundry in the dryer all while taking downward facing dog. One step at a time. I used to use the saying “eating the elephant one bite at a time,” however I don’t eat elephants. I run marathons, one mile at a time. Namaste.

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